We work on solutions for the stabilization of biological samples at room temperature to optimize their storage and shipping.

DNA Shipping Solution is an innovative solution developed by 300K Solutions for DNA transport at room temperature (RT) maintaining the quality of the sample. This technology is based on the use of tubes coated with a stabilization buffer that protects DNA against room temperature associated degradation.

Simply add purified DNA, mix gently and dry, and your sample is ready to be shipped.


Besides that 300K Solutions brings closer innovative solutions and products to the Spanish market for the different phases of the sample journey from its extraction to its analysis.



300K Storage Kits
300K storage boxes for 96, 48 and 24 vials
300K racks for 96, 48 and 24 vials
300K Bloks for 96, 48 and 24 vials

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Froozen samples stored in Biorepositories
New samples stored every year

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The emerging field of personalized medicine, the new developments in genomics and proteomics and the new regulatory framework for the medical device industry have been demanding for an increasing number and more diverse biospecimens to be stored. Those samples are usually stored in specialized biorepositories in ULT freezers that are prone to failure, have limited space and makes expensive and limited the transportation of samples from one center to another. 300K Solutions is developing its solution for nucleic acids, integer cells, liquid biopsy and solid tissues stored in Blood Banks and Biorepositories, Research, Genetic Analysis and Pathology Labs. Find a new way to store your samples with 300K solution and see how maximize your space and safety for stored biospecimens.

About Us

300K Solutions is a Start-up Company developing Room Temperature biological sample storage solutions.

Room temperature
sample storage can provide to biorepositories with a variety of benefits, including cost savings and risk on sample loss-avoidance.

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