300K Solutions


The emerging field of personalized medicine, along with new developments in genomics and proteomics, and the evolving regulatory framework for the medical device industry, have led to an increasing demand for a larger and more diverse range of biospecimens to be stored. These samples are typically stored in specialized biorepositories in ultra-low-temperature (ULT) freezers, which are susceptible to failure, have limited space, and make the transportation of samples both expensive and challenging.

¿What are the drawbacks of freezer storage?


  • Safety: ULT freezers are prone to suffering failures meaning a high risk of losing samples. For what is needed to use alarms systems or security personal active 24/7.
  • Space: Freezers need being well-isolated what reduce their internal storage capacity. Besides that, the separation between each other and the heat generated do freezers makes of ULT freezer, in space terms, so low efficiently for labs or biobanks.
  • Costs: Using ULT freezers mean a big energetic consume because they need to be connected to electric supply constantly and additionally they make necessary important air conditioning systems to control the temperature at the room.
  • Shipping: The infrastructure needed for the shipment under freezing conditions is so expensive requiring a lot of material and economic resources. Ending in high costs of logistics and risks of losing samples.
  • Environmental: CO2 emissions are a threat in the actual global situation so the related CO2 footprint of ULT freezers is a big problem that is unsustainable. Even more with the products needed to the proper maintenance and functioning of freezers.


300K Solutions is dedicated to providing the market with a comprehensive room temperature solution that addresses the current limitations in freezing technology, offering effective solutions across the board.

Our solution value proposition includes:

  • Minimize risk of losing samples: avoiding the continuous failures of freezers and electric supply shortcuts.
  • Space optimization: our technology let storage in the same space at least 30% more samples.
  • Reduce costs and environmental impact: electricity power is just needed during the process of lyophilization and pollution products are not needed.
  • Easier and safer shipment: To eliminate the freezing condition makes the shipping of samples easier and completely safe.
  • Exclusivity: ensured through patented technology.