300K Solutions


The project «Biotem» Innovative solution for maintenance and storage of Biospecimens at Room Temperature, satisfied the requirements to be funded under the Horizon 2020 programme through the SME Instrument Phase I instrument. During 6 months (May 1st 2019 – October 31, 2019), 300K has performed a feasibility study to verify the technological, practical and economic viability of our disruptive solution for long term storage of biological samples. The activities carried out included:

Validation of market feasibility focused on collecting valuable feedback through user involvement, stakeholders and contacting international distributors.

Validation of technical feasibility, prototypes and complementary products were subject to further modifications for usability, robustness and reliability improvements.

Analysis of IP and legal/regulatory, the work was focused on continuous management of IP mainly related to complementary products or coming from new requirements identified on the aforementioned tasks.

Partner search focused on identifying, contacting and selecting key partners for the implementation of the next phases of the project, including suppliers of OEM products and components, manufacturing/quality control and subcontractors.

Validation of economic feasibility, economic analysis has been performed to update the current financial data. Refined estimation of key indicators such as return on investment, profit, payback of investment or market size will allow to assess the economic viability of the overall project and quantify the funding needs to achieve successful commercialization of the solution.