300K Solutions

300K Solutions and its innovative technology are represented in the blog article written by Lee Organick, of Cache DNA.


This article reflects the importance of the storage of nucleic acids and the novel solutions some companies are developing to replace ultra low freezers and get rid of all the problems associated with them (risk of sample loss, storage space, reducing energy consumption…).


In this context, 4 companies presented their novel products:


  • Cache DNA, with Lee Organick
  • Imagene, with Marthe Colotte
  • 300K Solutions, with Pablo Peñalosa
  • Ensilitech, with Asel Sartbaeva


Check out the blog to learn more about these innovative solutions – The Brains Behind the Next Trend in Biotech: Room-temperature Storage of Nucleic Acids | by Lee Organick, PhD | Jul, 2024 | Medium

Thanks to Cache DNA for considering our company! ✨🧬