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Circulating Tumour Cells.

TransFix stabilised blood is compatible with a range of methods for the isolation and analysis of circulating tumour cells (CTC). The number of CTC populations present in patient blood is very low, therefore the usefulness of CTC assessments depends upon accurate cell counts and the corresponding analysis of molecular targets.


Circulating Tumour Cell TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes (CTC-TVTs) are 9ml evacuated tubes prefilled with TransFix. CTC-TVTs are specifically designed for the optimal collection and stabilisation of CTCs in whole human blood. They allow stabilisation of CTCs for up to 5 days immediately preventing the degradation of CTCs and CTC antigens, allowing time to isolate and analyse these rare cells.


CTC Tubes are for Research Use Only.


  • Easy to use – just collect blood and mix by inversion
  • Improved cell stability facilitating recovery of rare cells
  • Immediate Stabilisation at the time point of venepuncture
  • Published examples show compatibility with a range of CTC isolation and analysis techniques:
    • Size exclusion filtration and by cellular surface markers
    • Microscopic analysis and enumeration of CTCs in metastatic breast and lung cancer patients
    • Analysis of CTCs through high-resolution image flow cytometry
    • Cell sorting and mutation analysis
    • mRNA extraction

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2 pack of 9ml CTC Vacuum Tubes
50 pack of 9ml CTC Vacuum Tubes