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Crosslinked Polystyrene Particles

Spherotech offers a wide range of crosslinked polystyrene particles. Non-uniform, uniform shape, and porous crosslinked polystyrene particles are manufactured at Spherotech. The low cost non-uniform particles are useful when particle shape does not matter. If a perfect spherical monosized polymer particle is needed, use the 0.5% DVB cross-linked polystyrene particles. Spherotech also provides uniform cross-linked polystyrene particles that are stable in the presence of organic solvents. Porous crosslinked beads will provide additional surface area. Futhermore, larger size uniform cross-linked polystyrene particles are also available.

SPHERO Crosslinked Polystyrene Particles

Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
PPX-05-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v0.4-0.6 µm, non-uniform shape10 mL
PPX-08-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v0.7-0.9 µm, non-uniform shape10 mL
PPX-10-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v1.0-1.9 µm, non-uniform shape10 mL
PPX-20-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v2.0-2.4 µm, non-uniform shape10 mL
PPX-25-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v2.5-2.9 µm, non-uniform shape10 mL
PPX-50-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked5.0% w/v5.0-5.9 µm10 mL
PPX-100-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked2.5% w/v8.0-12.9 µm10 mL
PPX-150-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked2.5% w/v13.0-17.9 µm10 mL
PPX-200-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked2.5% w/v18.0-24.9 µm10 mL
PPX-250-10Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked2.5% w/v25.0-37.0 µm10 mL
PPX-400-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v38.0-52.0 µm10 mL
PPX-600-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v53.0-69.0 µm10 mL
PPX-800-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v70.0-89.0 µm10 mL
PPX-1000-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v90.0-105.0 µm10 mL
PPX-1200-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v106.0-124.0 µm10 mL
PPX-1400-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v125.0-149.0 µm10 mL
PPX-1600-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v150.0-175.0 µm10 mL
PPX-2000-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v196.0-211.0 µm10 mL
PPX-2200-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v212.0-249.0 µm10 mL
PPX-5000-10Polystyrene Particles, CrosslinkedResearch Grade,5.0% w/v400.0-600.0µm10 mL

SPHERO Crosslinked Dry Polystyrene Particles Powder

Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
PPXR-25-1Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, Dry PowderN/A2.5-2.9 µm1g
PPXR-60-1Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, Dry PowderN/A6.0-8.0 µm1g
PPXR-100-1Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, Dry PowderN/A8.0-12.9 µm1g
PPXR-1000-1Polystyrene Particles, Crosslinked, Dry PowderN/A90.0-105.0 µm1g