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The SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Kit and Rainbow QC Kit are designed to simplify the routine calibration of flow cytometers.

SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Kits

Consists of the following particles for the FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5, and APC channels in the flow cytometer:

– A blank calibration particle for threshold determination.
– A single intensity Rainbow Fluorescent Particle for checking the alignment and system settings of flow cytometers.
– A multiple intensity mixture of Rainbow Calibration Particles for sensitivity, resolution, and linearity determination.
Includes:DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
BCP-60-2Blank Calibration Particles107/mL6.0-6.4 µm2 mL
RFP-60-2Rainbow Fluorescent Particles107/mL6.0-6.4 µm2 mL
RCP-30-2LRainbow Calibration Particles (Peaks 1-4)107/mL3.0-3.4 µm2 mL
RCP-30-2HRainbow Calibration Particles (Peaks 5-8)107/mL3.5-4.0 µm2 mL

SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Kits

– Contains three multiple intensity peaks of the 8 peak Rainbow Calibration Particles set
– Used for sensitivity, resolution, and linearity determination of flow cytometers

Includes:DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
RCP-30-5A-1Rainbow Calibration Particles (Peak 1)107/mL3.0-3.4 µm5 mL
RCP-30-5A-4Rainbow Calibration Particles (Peak 4)107/mL3.0-3.4 µm5 mL
RCP-30-5A-8Rainbow Calibration Particles (Peak 8)107/mL3.0-3.4 µm5 mL