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The SPHERO™ Blank Calibration Particles are designed for the determination of the flow cytometer’s fluorescence threshold. It is important to determine if the autofluorescence level of a sample is above the fluorescence threshold of the instrument. To measure the fluorescence threshold of the instrument run the Blank Calibration Particles at the same instrument settings and determine if they are less fluorescent than the sample. The fluorescence threshold of the instrument can be quantitatively determined by calibrating the instrument using the same instrument settings with calibrated standards such as the Rainbow or Ultra Rainbow Calibration Particles.

SPHERO Blank Calibration Particles

Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
BCP-10-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL1.0-1.4 µm5 mL
BCP-20-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL1.8-2.2 µm5 mL
BCP-30-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL3.2 (+/-0.1 µm)5 mL
BCP-32-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL3.0-3.4 µm5 mL
BCP-35-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL3.5-4.0 µm5 mL
BCP-50-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL5.0-5.9 µm5 mL
BCP-60-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL6.0-6.4 µm5 mL
BCP-70-5Blank Calibration Particles107/mL6.5-8.0 µm5 mL
BCP-100-5Blank Calibration Particles5x106/mL8.0-12.9 µm5 mL
BCP-150-5Blank Calibration Particles5x106/mL13.0-17.9 µm5 mL
BCP-200-5Blank Calibration Particles0.5x106/mL18.0-24.9 µm5 mL
BCP-300-5Blank Calibration Particles0.5x106/mL25.0-35.0 µm5 mL