300K Solutions


The polystyrene particles are prepared by using emulsion polymerization process. Particles supplied by Spherotech have been precleaned using either mixed bed ion exchange or by centrifugation. Further cleaning by user is usually not required. The size of particles is determined by either NICOMP Laser Particle Sizer or visually by Scanning Electron Microscope.

See POLYSTYRENE PARTICLE product details for additional information.

SPHERO Polystyrene Particles

Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
PP-008-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.05-0.1 µm10 mL
PP-008-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.05-0.1 µm100 mL
PP10-008-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.05-0.1 µm10 mL
PP-015-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.1-0.2 µm10 mL
PP10-015-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.1-0.2 µm10 mL
PP-025-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.2-0.3 µm10 mL
PP-025-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.2-0.3 µm100 mL
PP10-025-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.2-0.3 µm10 mL
PP10-025-100Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.2-0.3 µm10 mL
PP-05-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.4-0.6 µm10 mL
PP-05-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.4-0.6 µm100 mL
PP10-05-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.4-0.6 µm10 mL
PP-08-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.7-0.9 µm10 mL
PP-08-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v0.7-0.9 µm100 mL
PP10-08-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v0.7-0.9 µm10 mL
PP-10-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v1.0-1.4 µm10 mL
PP-10-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v1.0-1.4 µm100 mL
PP10-10-10Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v1.0-1.4 µm10 mL
PP10-10-100Polystyrene Particles10.0% w/v1.0-1.4 µm100 mL
PP-15-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v1.5-1.9 µm10 mL
PP-15-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v1.5-1.9 µm10 mL
PP10-15-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v1.5-1.9 µm10 mL
PP-20-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v2.0-2.4 µm10 mL
PP-20-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v2.0-2.4 µm100 mL
PP10-20-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v2.0-2.4 µm10 mL
PP-25-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v2.5-2.9 µm10 mL
PP-25-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v2.5-2.9 µm100 mL
PP-30-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v3.0-3.4 µm10 mL
PP-30-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v3.0-3.4 µm100 mL
PP-35-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v3.5-3.9 µm10 mL
PP-35-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v3.5-3.9 µm100 mL
PP-40-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v4.0-4.4 µm10 mL
PP-40-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v4.0-4.4 µm100 mL
PP-45-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v4.5-4.9 µm10 mL
PP-45-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v4.5-4.9 µm100 mL
PP-50-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v5.0-5.9 µm10 mL
PP-50-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v5.0-5.9 µm100 mL
PP10-50-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v5.0-5.9 µm10 mL
PP-60-10Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v6.0-8.0 µm10 mL
PP-60-100Polystyrene Particles5.0% w/v6.0-8.0 µm100 mL
PP-100-10Polystyrene Particles2.5% w/v8.0-12.9 µm10 mL
PP-100-100Polystyrene Particles2.5% w/v8.0-12.9 µm100 mL