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Celloger Mini Plus

Automated live cell imaging system

Celloger Mini Plus is an automated live cell imaging system that is equipped with an advanced fluorescence and bright field microscopy, autofocusing and real time multi-position imaging technology. It provides you all the tools you need to acquire the best quality images and accurate research results.

Expand your cell discoveries with Celloger Mini Plus, automated live cell imaging system.

Key Features

Compact size

Compact size that easily fits into a standard CO₂ incubator

Fluorescence imaging

One color fluorescence (green or red) and bright field imaging

Multi-position imaging

Fully motorized camera allows multi-point imaging up to 96 wells

High compatibility

Compatible with various cell culture vessel types

Z-stack imaging

Multiple focal planes can be captured using Z-stacking function

Image stitching

Stitching function enables analysis of larger volume and sections

User-friendly functions

Easy to use analysis tools such as confluency mark, growth curve and ruler are provided


Increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable autofocusing function


Multipoint imaging

With the camera system that travels 117mm x 77mm, x and y axis respectively, multiple points within the travel range can be captured following the schedule (intervals, cycles, total time) set by the researcher. Different kinds of vessels can be used (Well plates, dishes, flasks, slides)

Stable imaging performance

Celloger Mini Plus doesn’t have a moveable stage but instead, the camera located inside the system moves to capture the images of cell in multiple positions. Precise and sensitive fluorescence detection is possible with the integrated hard-coated optical set and LED filter with more than 50,000-hour lifetime.

Compact size

Celloger Mini Plus is compact in size with 226(h) x 358(l) x 215(w)mm where several Celloger Mini Plus systems can fit into a standard CO2 incubator. Maintaining the performance of a device working in a hot and humid environment is very challenging. With Celloger Mini Plus, you can easily monitor live cells inside the incubator for a long time without disturbing the environment suitable for cell culture.


Technical Specifications

Dimension226 x 358 x 215 mm
Weight5.6kg / 12.3lb
Objective Lens4X / 10X
Imaging modesBright field, Fluorescence(Green / Red)
FluorescenceGreen: Excitation (470/40x) / Emission (510lp)
Red: Excitation (510/84x) / Emission (570lp)
Light sourceLED
Camera5MP CMOS
StageMotorized XYZ
Imaging positionsMultiple
File export formatTIFF, AVI, JPEG, PNG
Culture vesselsFlask, dish, well plate, slide
Operating environment10~40℃, 20~95% humidity
Power requirements100-240V, ~50/60Hz


Celloger Mini Plus (Green,10X)Celloger Mini Plus, Live cell imaging system (Bright Field + Green Fluorescence, 10X)
Celloger Mini Plus (Red,10X)Celloger Mini Plus, Live cell imaging system (Bright Field + Red Fluorescence, 10X)



Celloger Mini Plus | Cell Proliferation

Observe the proliferation of HeLa cells in real-time every 1 hour for 110 hours.

Celloger Mini Plus | Co-culture

Monitor the co-culture effects of K562 and NK92 cells (Calcein AM stained K562) for 18 hours.

Celloger Mini Plus | Nocodazole-mediated mitotic arrest

Time-lapse video of H2B-GFP transfected Hela cells treated with and without nocodazole.

Celloger Mini Plus | Phagocytosis monitoring

Phagocytosis monitoring of LPS-stimulated Raw264.7 cell.

Celloger Mini Plus | Spheroid screening

Monitoring concentration-dependent spheroid formation in two cell lines.