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Celloger Nano

Automated live cell imaging system

The super compact and intuitive live cell imaging system, Celloger Nano got everything you need to perform your sophisticate laboratory works. Equipped with exceptional fluorescence and bright field microscopy, time-lapse imaging, auto-focusing technology, and user-friendly software, accelerates your cell-based research works.


Expand your cell-based research through our multifunction live cell imaging system, Celloger Nano.

Key Features

Compact size

Several Celloger Nano systems can fit into a standard CO₂ incubator

Fluorescence imaging

One color fluorescence (green or red) and brightfield imaging

One-point time-lapse imaging

Movie maker provides one-click easy way to make a time-lapse video

Precise stage controller

Sample positioning is done with simple touch by using the precise stage controller


Increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable autofocusing function

User-friendly functions

Easy to use analysis tools such as confluency mark, growth curve and ruler are provided


Compact size

Celloger Nano is a very compact system with a size almost equivalent to half of A4 paper thus making it suitable for placement inside an incubator. Several Celloger Nano systems can fit into a standard CO2 incubator and are connected to one software enabling various experiments at the same time.

Precise stage controller

Once the sample is placed at the center of the stage, there is no need to move the sample with bare hands. The sample positioning is done with a simple touch by using the precise stage controller. This controller facilitates X and Y axis positioning with a distance of -/+ 6mm each axis.


Technical Specifications

Dimension211 x 146 x 188 mm
Weight3.2kg / 7.0lb
Objective Lens4X /10X
Imaging modesBright field, Fluorescence(Green / Red)
FluorescenceGreen: Excitation (480/30x) / Emission(535/40m)
Red: Excitation (510/25x) / Emission (570lp)
Light sourceLED
Camera1.25MP CMOS
StageManual XY, motorized Z
Imaging positions1
File export formatTIFF,AVI (JPEG, PNG)
Culture vesselsFlask, dish, well plate, slide
Operating environment10~40℃, 20~95% humidity
Power requirements100-240V, ~50/60Hz


Celloger Nano (Green,10X)Celloger Nano, Live cell imaging system (Bright field + Green Fluorescence 10X)
Celloger Nano (Red,10X)Celloger Nano, Live cell imaging system (Bright field + Red Fluorescence 10X)


Application Note Celloger Series

Brochure Celloger Nano

Manual Celloger Nano


Celloger Nano | Apoptosis

Using fluorescence detection of activated caspase to examine the apoptosis of Hela cells caused by staurosporine.

Celloger Nano | Cell morphology

Observe HeLa cells morphology in real-time every 5 minutes for 66 hours.

Celloger Nano | Cell proliferation

Monitor cell proliferation of NIH 3T3 cells for 56 hours inside an incubator.

Celloger Nano | Cytotoxicity

Dead cells were stained with green/red fluorescent dye to measure the cytotoxicity.

Celloger Nano | Transfection

Expression of EGFP transfected with pCMV GFP plasmid.

Celloger Nano | Wound healing assay

HeLa cells were incubated for 60 hours after the scratch and monitored every 1 hour.