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Disposable Cell Concentration Chip

Cellpuri is a disposable chip that enriches cells without the use of centrifugation method. Cells are being separated using the rheological phenomenon inside the microchannels where the cell suspension pass through to filter out waste medium and collect the enriched cells in the outlet.

Key Features


User-friendly disposable cell enrichment chip

Powerfull cell enrichment

Enriches cells more than 20 times in 2 minutes

Minimizes cell damage

Centrifugation-free workflow minimizes cell damage

Unify processes

All processes are done inside the clean bench

High recovery

95% recovery when cell washing

Automatize process

Reduces human error as enrichment is automatically processed using the syringe pump


What is Filterless Filter (FLF) Technology

It is a microfluidic chip-based cell separation and concentration technology developed by Curiosis. Countless micrometer-sized channels inside the chip create a rheological flow that separates, concentrates, and removes particles of a specific size from the solution. Microchannels were strategically designed to isolate cells according to their size where larger cells are directed towards one side whereas smaller cells flow randomly on lateral axis that eventually compile on the other side. FLF technology can be applied to cell enrichment, white blood cell separation, and blood-plasma separation.

Cell enrichment by Cellpuri

Cellpuri efficiently separated HL-60 cells from medium without spinning-down the cells and more than 20-fold enrichment (121.2x10 cells/mL) was observed in HL-60 cells at an initial concentration of 4.9 x 10 cells/mL.

Reduced cell clumping with Cellpuri

Adherent cells, including MCF7 cells, tend to form clumps during the cell passage. But as shown in above images, enrichment using Cellpuri reduces cell clumping while centrifugation pellets the cells and thus increasing the clumping cells.


Technical Specifications

Dimension76 x 25 x 23 mm
Sample size7~15 μm size cells
Flow rate1ml/min
Loading volume20ml


CellpuriCellpuri, Cell Concentration chip (10pc/box)
Syringe pumpSyringe pump