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Automatic cell counter

FACSCOPE B is an automatic stand-alone cell counting system based on a bright-field microscopy. FACSCOPE B overcomes inconvenience associated with conventional hemocytometer by providing features such as autofocusing, customized presets, various counting modes, and user-friendly software.

Key Features

Advanced cell detection technology

Irregular and aggregated cells can be clearly identified with FACSCOPE’s advanced cell detection algorithm

Autofocusing function

Automatic focusing function scans multiple focal points and automatically selects the best one

Precise counting results

Larger counting volume provides more precise and reliable counting results

User-friendly functions

Selectable and customizable presets, gating adjustments, and counting modes are provided

Disposable counting slides

Reduces inconvenience by eliminating the need for washing slides


Large counting volume

FACSCOPE B analyzes larger counting volume than hemocytometer and any other cell counters, therefore acquires more reliable and meaningful results.


The algorithm applied to FACSCOPE B finds the multiple focal planes and automatically selects the best and clearest focal plane. The automatic focusing of FACSCOPE B eliminates variables that can cause human errors and enables users to obtain accurate results.

Advanced detection algorithm

The advanced recognition algorithm of FACSCOPE B provides users with the opportunity to observe various cells accurately. Irregular cells and aggregated cells can be clearly identified, as well as live and dead cells for various cell-based studies.


Technical Specifications

Dimension25mm x 75mm x 2mm
Loading volume20 µL / chamber
Staining methodTrypan blue
Packing unit50 slides / box


FACSCOPE BFACSCOPE B, Automatic cell counter (Brightfield)
FACSCOPE SlideFACSCOPE Slide, Disposable slide for FACSCOPE B 50 slide/box (200 test)
FACSCOPE starter kitFACSCOPE Starter Kit, FACSCOPE Slide 5ea + touch-pen + USB Memory
Standard SlideStandard slide, IQ/OQ package