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T-Store® Tissue Storge and Transportation Medium insulin-free

Xeno-free Storage and Transport Media for mammalian tissue without insulin

T-Store®is an innovative, sterile, chemically defined and optimized media developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples. This product maintains the integrity of tissue samples, thereby reducing necrosis and apoptosis and is formulated without insulin


T-Store® has been developed to provide a stable storage and shipping enviroment for mammalian tissue samples and cells. T-Store® utilizes a robust buffering system, allowing its use over a wide temperature range. In addition, it has been designed to be isosmotic, isotonic and isoionic with human serum and interstitial fluid, allowing the optimal storage for tissue and cells for hours or days, as required.


T-Store® allows tissue samples to retain genetic and histological profiles for up to 72 hours following removal.


Main product features:

                      – Ready-to-use

                      – Sterile and Xeno-free

                      – Non-toxic additives

                      – Flexibility for highly time critical processes, homeostatic environment

                      – Can be used in aerobic and anaerobic conditions

                      – Can be used at normothermic and sub-normothermic (no frozen) temperatures

                      – Ambient temperature 

                      – Insulin-free


Specification Details
Available Sizes 50mL, 125mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L
FormulationXeno-free, solvent-free, insulin-free​
Use-Storage and transport of tissue simples
- Storage of cells following dissociation /isolation or enrichmenmt ​
pHpH 7.20 - 7.45 for temperatures between +2°C to +37°C
ConditionsAerobic and Anaerobic
Shelf life18 months from date of manufacture
Storage+2°C to +8°C
ShippingAmbient temperature

Advantages of T-Store®

Table 1. Benefits of using T-Store® for tissue simples 

Collection stageCurrent PracticesT-Store® Protocols
Collection and inmediate holdingBiopsy delivered dry/ soaked in saline/ wrapped in gauze / formalin fixed.Biopsies can be simply immersed in requisite volume of T-STORE® at +2ºC to 8ºC .
TransportationSnap frozen (SF), Formalin fixed (FFPE) processing or sent as fresh tissue. Long transport times may degrade fresh tissues.Tissues can be maintained in T-STORE® over ice at 0ºC to +4ºC or room temperature (RT) for up to 72 hours before processing.
ProcessingFresh tissues may be utilized immediately otherwise availability is limited to SF or FFPE tissue samples.T-STORE® is suitable for use with a wide range of downstream analysis.
AnalysesAnalytical choices are limited due to processing restrictions.T-STORE® is suitable for wide range of tissue and analytical options.
OutcomesPossibility of changes in molecular profiles within tissue samples.T-STORE® retains the morphological and molecular structure of tissue.


                Procurement of tissue samples:


T-Store®  is supplied to use neat without the need for futher dilution. Following excision, tissue simples should be immediately submerged in T-Store® . This volumen should be determined by the user. It is advised to use excess volumen T-Store® to tissue weight / size ratio to ensure succesful storage.


                Cell storage at ambient temperature using T-Store®


Prior to storage, cells should be cultured under recommended conditions

Each batch of T-Store® undergoes functionality testing before realese following the above protocol. Data show that Cells numbers are maintained with excellent viability and recovery, following 72H storage in T-Store® (Figure 1)

Figure1. Data collated of 14 batches´ quality control functionally test with HEK cells


To recover the cells, gently re-suspend them before transferring into an appropriate vessel, containing complete growth medium (there is no need to remove the T-Store® prior to recovery). Incubate cells under optimal conditions. Full cell recovery should be seen within 48 h.