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VitroGel 3D High Concentration

Tunable, xeno-free hydrogel, high concentration (3 mL kit).


VitroGel 3D High Concentration is a tunable, xeno-free (animal origin-free) hydrogel system that allows the maximum flexibility to manipulate the 3D cell culture environment for different needs.


VitroGel 3D High Concentration comes with VitroGel Dilution Solution to adjust the final hydrogel strength from 10 to 4000 Pa. The hydrogel’s tunability gives researchers the ability to create an optimized environment for cell growth. The VitroGel 3D High Concentration hydrogel matrix structure is good for cell spheroid formation, suspension cells, or cells requiring low cell-matrix interactions.

VitroGel High Concentration hydrogels are xeno-free, tunable hydrogels for researchers wanting full control to manipulate the biophysical and biological properties of the cell culture environment. The tunability of the hydrogel gives the ability to create an optimized environment for cell growth. The hydrogel system has a neutral pH, transparent, permeable, and compatible with different imaging systems. The solution transforms into a hydrogel matrix by simply mixing with the cell culture medium. No cross-linking agent is required. Cells cultured in this system can be easily harvested with VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution. The hydrogel can also be tuned to be injectable for in vivo studies.

From 3D cell culture, 2D cell coating to animal injection, VitroGel makes it possible to bridge the in vitro and in vivo studies with the same platform system.

Tunable Hydrogel Strength

Simply diluting the hydrogel controls the gel strength.


Contents- VitroGel 3D High Concentration, 3 mL
- VitroGel Dilution Solution, 50 mL
FormulationXeno-free tunable hydrogel, pure and unmodified.
UseGood for cell spheroid formation, suspension cells or cells require low cell-matrix interactions
Mix & MatchCan be blended with other versions of VitroGel concentrated hydrogels to create a custom multi-functional matrix.
OperationRoom temperature
Hydrogel Strength10 to 4,000 Pa of G’ depending on dilution ratio.
Dilute with VitroGel Dilution Solution (TYPE 1
 or TYPE 2) for different concentrations.
Cell HarvestingVitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution
5-15 min cell recovery
InjectableInjectable hydrogel
StorageStore at 2-8°C. Ships at ambient temperature
Number of UsesDilution ratio:
1:2 = 225 uses at 50 µL per well
1:3 = 300 uses at 50 µL per well
1:5 = 450 uses at 50 µL per well

Recommended Product

VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution

Recover cells from the hydrogel in 20 minutes with high cell viability. Enzyme-free system.


3D Cell Culture Process in 20 Minutes

VitroGel High Concentration hydrogels are easy-to-use. There is no cross-linking agent required. Work confidently at room temperature.