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VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix

Ready-to-use, xeno-free (animal origin-free) functional hydrogel system.

VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix is a ready-to-use, xeno-free (animal origin-free) functional hydrogel for 3D cell culture research. VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix is an optimized formulation of multi-functional ligands and concentrations to support a wide range of cell types for different applications.“Just Add Cells” – The hydrogel matrix is ready to mix with cell suspension directly.


  • Xeno-free, biological functional hydrogel.
  • Ready-to-use at room temperature (20 min protocol).
  • Supports a wide range of cell types and applications.
  • Easy, efficient, and enzyme-free cell harvesting in 20 min.

There is no additional adjustment needed. VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment to make cells feel more like at home. The hydrogel is room temperature stable, has a neutral pH, transparent, permeable and compatible with different imaging systems. The solution transforms into a hydrogel matrix by simply mixing with the cell culture medium. Cells cultured in this system can be easily harvested out with VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution. This user-friendly functional hydrogel creates an excellent balance of simplicity and versatility.


FormulationXeno-free, functional hydrogel
Use3D and 2D cell culture
OperationReady-to-use at room temperature.
BiocompatibilityBiocompatible, safe for animal studies
InjectionInjectable hydrogel for in vivo studies and lab automation
StorageStore at 2-8°C. Ships at ambient temperature
Sizes10mL and 2mL
Number of Uses- (10 mL): 300 uses at 50 µL per well
- (2mL): 60 uses at 50 µL per well
Cell HarvestingVitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution
5-15 min cell recovery
Cell ViabilityCyto3D Live-Dead Assay Kit
Fast, sensitive

Recommended Product

VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution

Recover cells from the hydrogel within 15 minutes with high cell viability. Non-enzymatic system.


3D cell culture process in 20 min – “Just add cells”

VitroGel Hydrogel Matrix is ready-to-use. Just mix with your cells. There is no cross-linking agent or the need to adjust the hydrogel concentration.