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VitroGel MSC

Ready-to-use, xeno-free (animal origin-free) hydrogel system for mesenchymal stem cell 3D culture and scale-up.


VitroGel MSC is a xeno-free (animal origin-free) hydrogel system developed to support three-dimensional (3D) cultures of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).  This hydrogel system can be used to make hydrogel cell beads for MSC scale-up.  Microcarriers are not required for MSC scale-up.


VitroGel MSC is ready-to-use with an optimized formulation that fully supports the rapid expansion of MSCs. Cells directly thawed from liquid nitrogen or passaged from 2D culture vessels can be immediately mixed with the hydrogel solution for 3D culture or hydrogel-cell bead generation. This hydrogel system is compatible with most MSC culture media and tissue culture vessels. By using the VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution, cell harvesting after 3D culture is simple and efficient.

Benefits Comparison


FormulationXeno-free, functional hydrogel
Use3D cell culture, 2D hydrogel coating, hydrogel-cell bead formation.
OperationReady-to-use at room temperature.
BiocompatibilityBiocompatible, safe for animal studies
InjectionContact info@300k.bio for more information
StorageStore at 2-8°C. Ships at ambient temperature
Sizes10mL and 2mL
Number of Uses- (10 mL): 300 uses at 50 µL per well
- (2mL): 60 uses at 50 µL per well
Cell HarvestingVitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution
5-15 min cell recovery

Recommended Product

VitroGel Organoid Recovery Solution

Recover cells from the hydrogel within 15 minutes with high cell viability. Non-enzymatic system.


3D cell culture process in 20 min – “Just add cells”

VitroGel MSC is ready-to-use. Just mix with your cells.

MSC 3D scale-up process in 20 min – Hydrogel-cell bead formation

VitroGel MSC is ready-to-use. Just mix with your cells and add as droplets.