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VitroINK 3:1 Mixing Kit Component Pack

Single-use components for 3:1 mixing ratio for VitroINK Mixing Kit.


Pack contains (1) 3 mL syringe, (1) mixing head, (1) connector pack. Requires dispenser.


The VitroINK 3:1 Mixing Component Kit includes a 3 mL syringe, connector and mixing head to replace the one-time-use components in the full VitroINK Mixing Kit – Complete Pack for 3:1 VitroINK and cells mixing.


This package is sterilized and disposable for one-time use.


  • Disposable mixing kit components for VitroINK kit:
    (1) 3 mL syringe
    (1) connector and tubing
    (1) mixing head
  • Sterile
  • Use for 3:1 mixing ratio
  • Ships room temperature. Store at room temperature.

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