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VitroINK Bioink Starter Kit

VitroINK (3 mL) + Full Mixing Kit with Cell Mixer Dispenser.


VitroINK Bioink Starter Kit contains both bioink and the complete mixing kit to prepare the cell bioink mixture for 3D bioprinting. The kit includes choice of bioink + the mixing kit.


The kit includes choice of bioink + the mixing kit:


  • VitroINK 3D  ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit
  • VitroINK RGD ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit
  • VitroINK COL  ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit
  • VitroINK MMP ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit
  • VitroINK  IKVAV ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit
  • VitroINK YIGSR ( 3 mL) + VitroINK Mixing Kit

    The VitroINK Mixing Kit includes a Cell Mixer Dispenser, 1 mL syringe, 3 mL syringe, connectors and mixing head to get you started.

VitroINK is a ready-to-use tunable bioink modified with functional ligands, and cell adhesive peptide, promoting cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions. This RGD modified bioink can enhance cell adhesion, proliferation, motility/migration, and differentiation in different applications.


VitroINK Mixing Kit was designed to provide a robust mixing of bioink and cells. Cells can be prepared with VitroINK for a 3:1 mixing ratio using the 3 mL syringe or a 10:1 mixing ratio using the 1 mL syringe. Put the VitroINK and cell suspension in the Cell Mixer Dispenser and gently press the mixture through the connector and mixing head to your bioprinter cartridge. Wait 10-20 minutes for the mixture to stabilize before printing. There is no UV,  no temperature/pH curing, or chemical cross-linking for the VitroINK system. Simply adding cell culture medium to cover the printed structure can further stabilize and support cell growth. The bioprinted cells are ready for incubation.



  • Xeno-free tunable bioinks.
  • Ready-to-use at room temperature.
  • No UV, temperature/pH curing or chemical cross-linking required.
  • Neutral pH.
  • Transparent.  Excellent visibility after printing and cell culture.
  • Pre-mix with cells by using the VitroINK Mixing Kit.
  • Ships room temperature. Store at 2-8°C.
  • Sizes: 3 mL.


VitroINK Mixing Kit

  • Complete mixing kit.  Includes:
    (1) 1 mL syringe
    (1) 3 mL syringe
    (1) connector and tubing
  • (1) mixing head
  • Sterile
  • Use for 3:1 or 10:1 mixing ratio
  • Size: 3 mL

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