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Medimachine II

Standardized and efficient sample preparation

The Medimachine II Dissociator is a desktop instrument, designed to provide both gentle tissue dissociation and fine homogenization using appropriate disposable devices with different technical features according to the required procedure.


Single-cell suspensions are a crucial prerequisite to achieving reliable results in cell separation, cell analysis, and cell culture. Moreover, the Medimachine II can be used for the homogenization of cells and tissues to extract biomolecules for molecular biology or protein biochemistry applications.


The instrument has an interactive touch-screen for the selection of operation mode and for consulting the onboard manual. This specific screen has been selected for use wearing lab gloves. The software offers multilingual settings and two modes: manual and automatic.

Key Features

- Automated tissue dissociation

- Fast tissue preparation to improve lab productivity

- Standardization of tissue disaggregation

- Improved reproducibility of cell suspensions

- Closed disposable disaggregation unit

- Compact design easily fits biohazard hood

- Can be used with or without enzymes for dissociation

- Can be used for sterile and non-sterile applications

Technical Specifications

- CE Certified: Conform to UL/CSA

- Size: 211mm x 164mm x 257mm

- Weight: 2,50kg

- Power consumption: 60W



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