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Arctiko are true cooling specialists.

Vertical Freezers

TRUE DUAL Technology

Arctiko’s TRUE DUAL™ technology for double security, consists of two independent systems offering you the best security. In case of any failure with one of the cooling systems, the other system will still maintain the temperature at -70°C. Thereby, your samples will not be affected, by any challenge caused by an unexpected system failure, until service is provided.

Arctiko ULUF P390 GG

- Capacity: 385 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P500 GG

- Capacity: 500 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P610 GG

- Capacity: 614 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P820 GG

- Capacity: 819 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF 750-2M

- Capacity: 642 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Single Compressor

Single compressor system with direct cooling, for higher temperature uniformity and excellent temperature stability.

Arctiko ULUF 450-2M

- Capacity: 393 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Cryogenic Freezers

The cryogenic freezer features the highly reliable TRUE DUAL™ technology comprised by two independent systems offering double security. In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the second cooling system will maintain the CRYO freezer at -150°C.

Cryogenic series offers a wide variety of research and long-term storage applications for low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of cells, DNA, bone material, bacteria, etc.

Arctiko CRYO 170

- Capacity: 171 L.
- Temperature range: -140/-150ºC

Arctiko CRYO 230

- Capacity: 233 L.
- Temperature range: -140/-150ºC

Undercounter/Benchtop Freezers

The compact Integraline enables easy access to samples and provides user-flexible opportunities at the workplace. This range of compact Integraline freezers  is ideal for placing under or on your table/counter, or near your working stations. With Arctiko’s true and original single compressor technology, you are guaranteed superior temperature uniformity and outstanding cooling performance (-40/-86ºC), which gives you time to focus on the essential, your research.

Arctiko ULUF 15

- Capacity: 7 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF 65

- Capacity: 54 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF 125

- Capacity: 94 L.
- Temperature range: -40/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P10

- Capacity: 7 L.
- Temperature range: -25/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P50

- Capacity: 50 L.
- Temperature range: -25/-86ºC

Arctiko ULUF P90

- Capacity: 88 L.
- Temperature range: -25/-86ºC