300K Solutions

Cryogenic Vial Color Closure

Strong, medical-grade polypropylene and can be repeatedly frozen and thawed.

  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Temperature range: -196ºC to 121ºC.


● Material: Strong, medical-grade polypropylene, and can be repeatedly frozen and thawed.


● Non-sterile.


● Autoclavable to 121°C and freezable to -196°C, and can be stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen.


● Universal screw threads, sealing ring cap.


● Fit cryogenic vials with either internal or external screw threads for quick and convenient classification and visual identification.


● 7 colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, violet and clear.


Ordering Information

WhiteNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
RedNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
GreenNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
BlueNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
YellowNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
VioletNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case
ClearNo100/Bag, 30 Bags/Case