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Ensure the traceability of your samples with our product range, we have got more than 1000 references grouped in the following categories.

General Labelling

A wide range of different references is available. If you want to know about any of the products showed in the video get in touch below. 

Cryogenic Labels

Cryogenic labels for the identification of vials, microtubes, freezer boxes, microplates, cell culture plates, plastic bags, and other containers for short and long-term storage in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), laboratory freezers (-120°C, -80°C, -20°C), and transportation on dry ice.

Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials and Surfaces

CryoSTUCK is a unique cryogenic label that can stick to already frozen vials at -80°C. No need to thaw valuable samples before labeling, thereby compromising the integrity of their contents. Once applied to frozen containers they can be stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196°C or low-temperature freezers (-80°C) for further preservation. Our CryoSTUCK labels already available for thermal-transfer printers, are now joined by our new Laser CryoSTUCK labels, for laser printers.

Deep-Freeze Labels

Deep-freeze labels for storage in ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers (-80°C, -50°C, -20°C) and on dry ice. Designed to adhere to wet and damp surfaces, the durable, waterproof labels can resist multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and long-term storage. Ideal for labeling small diameter cry tubes, vials, cryo/freezer boxes, as well as PCR tubes and strips.

RFID (radio frequency identification) labels provides an improved way to track your samples, enhancing sample traceability and minimizing labeling errors. With a flexible UHF inlay, they have excellent adhesion to tubes, vials, boxes, and other containers.

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