300K Solutions

DNA Shipping Solution

Stabilize your DNA samples for shipping at room temperature

DNA Shipping Solution is an innovative solution developed by 300K Solutions for DNA transport at room temperature (RT) maintaining the quality of the sample. This technology is based on the use of tubes coated with a stabilization buffer that protects DNA against room temperature associated degradation. Simply add purified DNA, mix gently and dry, and your sample is ready to be shipped. Upon arrival and when needed, DNA can be rehydrated using Molecular Biology grade water. DNA Shipping Solution is specifically designed for DNA samples. No claim or representation is done for their use on any other biological materials. DNA Shipping Solution is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


Streamline Workflow

1. Dispense purified DNA into DNA Shipping Solution vials

2. Dry your samples using a speed vaccum concentrator

3. Ship at room temperature.


DNA Functionality and Integrity

A defined band of 17.5Kb (red rectangle) is observed in both DNA stored at -20ºC and at room temperatura with DNA Shipping Solution stabilization buffer, whereas the DNA stored at room temperatura without this buffer showed an almost undetectable 17.5 Kb band, suggesting a los in DNA functonality and integrity.

DNA Recovery

The quantification of double-strand DNA concentration showed that, when compared with fresh DNA, the presence of the DNA Shipping stabilization buffer has a protective effect against DNA loss during RT storage when compared with DNA dried and stored at RT without a stabilization buffer. Moreover, no difference in terms of DNA loss was observed between DNA stored for 1 month frozen at -20 ºC and DNA stored for 1 month at RT in the presence of a stabilization buffer.


DNA Shipping Solution

Catalogue Number11010001
Format25 x 0,6 mL microtubes coated with stabilization buffer
DNA accepted10µl or 1 µg of DNA
[DNA] Recommended100 ng/µL
Drying MethodSpeed Vacuum Concentrator (not included)