300K Solutions


Fluorescent particles with single or multiple fluorophores are available in various sizes, emission spectra and combinations. Many are suitable for uses in flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, phagocytosis studies and cell labeling. Please contact us for fluorescent particle recommendations.


The SPHERO Fluorescent Microparticles are prepared by either staining the polystyrene core of the particles with a solution of appropriate fluorophore or by polymerizing a fluorophore in styrene in the presence of polystyrene core particles. As a result, a wide variety of fluorescent particles can be prepared ranging in size, type of fluorophore, fluorescence intensity and surface functional groups. Most of the fluorophores chosen for use in the preparation of SPHERO Fluorescent Particles are water insoluble and therefore are very stable. These fluorophores, once incorporated into the particles, do not leach and their color and fluorescence remains stable for long periods of time under proper storage conditions.



SPHERO Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles

Catalog No.DescriptionConcentrationNominal SizePackage Size
FP-0257-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v0.1-0.3 µm2 mL
FP-0557-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v0.4-0.6 µm2 mL
FP-0857-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v0.7-0.9 µm2 mL
FP-2057-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v1.7-2.2 µm2 mL
FP-3057-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v2.5-5.0 µm2 mL
FP-6057-2Multiple Fluorophore Fluorescent Particles0.2% w/v6.0-7.9 µm2 mL
FP-0842-2Fluorescent UV/Light Yellow Particles1.0% w/v0.7-0.9 µm2 mL
FP-2042-2Fluorescent UV/Light Yellow Particles1.0% w/v1.7-2.2 µm2 mL
FP-2060-2Fluorescent Purple/Yellow Particles, Medium Intensity1.0% w/v1.7-2.2 µm2 mL
FP-3042-2Fluorescent UV/Light Yellow Particles1.0% w/v2.5-5.0 µm2 mL
FP-3055-2Fluorescent Pink/Yellow Particles1.0% w/v2.5-5.0 µm2 mL
FP-3066-2Fluorescent Nile Red/Blue Particles1.0% w/v2.5-4.5 µm2 mL
FP-4060-2Fluorescent Purple/Yellow Particles1.0% w/v2.5-5.0 µm2 mL
FP-5066-2Fluorescent Nile Red/Blue Particles1.0% w/v4.6-5.9 µm2 mL
FH-2060-2Fluorescent Purple/Yellow Particles, High Intensity1.0% w/v1.7-2.2 µm2 mL
FL-2060-2Fluorescent Purple/Yellow Particles, Low Intensity1.0% w/v1.7-2.2 µm2 mL