300K Solutions

Sample Stabilization System

300K Solutions S3 (Sample Stabilization System) introduces several innovations to the freeze-drying process, making it the ultimate laboratory instrument for precise results in every solution our platform offers. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure high thermal uniformity and precise pressure control, along with freeze-drying cycles developed and tailored for each type of biological sample. All of this is achieved through a user-friendly interface.


CONTROL SYSTEMControl through touch screen
Pre-loaded validated protoxols for 300K products
Patent pending solid state shelf without liquid circuits
SHELF SYSTEM2 simultaneous SBS footprint sample rack on a single shelf
Multiple rack formats (24, 48…) for different sample containers
STOPPERING SYSTEMMechanical stoppering system capable of closing individual sample containers
CONDENSERAutomatic defrost and water retrieval into a waste bottle
WASTE MANAGEMENT (REMOVED WATER)500mL borosylicate waste bottle
Water level sensor
VACUUMOil-free, low noise, low maintenance vacuum pump integrated into the system
DIMENSIONS (H x W x D) 134 x 62 x 77 (cm)