300K Solutions


Get rid of sample handling time constrictions and limitations associated with ULT storage, and store peripheral blood samples at room temperature with 300K Peripheral Blood Solution adding safety and ensuring adequate levels of sample quality for downstream applications



  • Stabilization buffer to protect peripheral blood from room temperature associated degradation
  • 15 vials and stoppers
  • Use 500µL of total peripheral blood
  • Final volume of 1 mL


- Flow Cytometry Analysis

As a preliminary step, cell recovery was assessed through absolute count analysis showing that, when compared with the fresh sample, the decrease of cell counts in dried samples (62,5%) was less pronounced than in frozen samples (44,5%).

- Relative distribution of cell subpopulations to assess selective loss after sample manipulation

The comparison of cell subpopulation frequency within the total sample showed a selective loss of myeloid cells with decreased values of neutrophils in the frozen samples (A), resulting in an imbalance on the lymphoid subpopulation (B). On the other hand, dried cells kept similar subpopulation frequencies to fresh samples (A-B).

Importantly, statistical analysis showed an excellent correlation (R2>0,9) in dried cell subpopulations vs fresh subpopulations (C) while a lower one in frozen samples vs fresh samples (D).

- DNA extraction

Quality control of DNA extracted from samples freeze-dried with 300K Peripheral Blood Solution showed good purity and integrity when assessed by spectrophotometry and agarose gel electrophoresis, respectively (data not shown). Moreover, we additionally performed a multiplex long PCR, and all samples displayed a 17.5 kb band, confirming that our technology has no negative effect on DNA functionality.

Poster: «Novel Dry Technology for Stabilization and Room Temperature Storage of Whole Peripheral Blood Samples»