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We are introducing a revolutionary technology to our systems: the dry scroll vacuum pump. A scroll vacuum pump is a specific type of positive displacement pump that uses scroll technology to create vacuum. This type of pump is known for its simple, yet highly efficient and oil-free design, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 

The scroll vacuum pump uses two interconnected spirals or discs. One of the discs remains stationary while the other moves eccentrically in an orbit around the first. This movement creates suction and compression chambers, creating the vacuum. One of the key advantages is that these pumps are «oil-free», meaning they do not require oil lubrication to operate. This makes them ideal for applications where oil contamination could be a problem, such as laboratory environments or medical applications. The scroll design allows for quiet operation and less vibration than some other vacuum pumps, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments or where vibration could affect processes. In addition, these pumps tend to require less maintenance than oil-filled vacuum pumps, resulting in lower running costs and less downtime. 


Scroll vacuum pumps are an efficient and reliable option for creating vacuum in a wide range of applications, from freeze drying to laboratory systems and sensitive industrial processes. This innovative technology is fully integrated into our systems, providing reliable and efficient performance.