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Lyophilization service for DNA samples, cell lines, serum, and plasma
A reliable solution for long-term preservation and easy storage. Our lyophilization service ensures the stability and integrity of the samples, enabling their use in future research with precise and reproducible results. Trust our team of experts to optimally preserve your samples and safeguard the integrity of your valuable biological materials.
Set up of new products lyophilization
Residual moisture study
                                                                                                                               Is a vital aspect of our lyophilization service. We conduct thorough analyses to determine and control the remaining moisture content in the lyophilized products. By carefully monitoring and managing the residual moisture levels, we can ensure the long-term stability and quality of the products.  


Nucleics Acid Quality control services


Our nucleic acid quality control service is comprehensive, offering a thorough evaluation of the samples. We use the QubitFlex equipment to accurately measure the concentration of nucleic acids, ensuring the right amount for their use in specific research and applications. Additionally, we conduct exhaustive analyses to assess the purity of the samples, guaranteeing they are free from contaminants and other compounds that could affect their results and applications.


Product stability studies
We conduct product stability studies under accelerated humidity and temperature conditions to predict shelf life and ensure quality and efficacy over time. We identify potential degradation and adverse reactions, allowing for preventive adjustments in the production process. Our team and advanced facilities ensure the accuracy and reliability of these studies, providing you with high-quality and high-performance products.

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