300K Solutions


To overcome the thermal inertia and heterogeneity of heat transfer found in most commercial freeze dryers, we developed a new way of performing this heat transfer in our system. To achieve this, we developed a solid-state heat exchange module (patent pending) that replaces the thermal fluid circuit found in every commercial freeze dryer available today. This module provides a high homogeneous temperature surface in contact with the sample vials, which exchanges heat with a cold and heat source. This cold source does not rely on a pumped liquid to perform the heat transfer, significantly reducing the thermal inertia that limits a typical freeze-drying process. This reduced thermal inertia allows the use of innovative methods based on mathematical approaches to optimise the freeze-drying cycle.

In addition, we offer two simultaneous SBS racks on a single platform, maximising the efficiency of the lyophilisation process. Different rack formats are available to accommodate different types of vials, selecting the most appropriate for each sample type and volume. This allows freeze drying cycles to be optimised and the process to be tailored to each biospecimen.