300K Solutions

Solid Tissues

Solid Tissues

There are two main strategies to keep solid tissue stored for long periods of time, Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded commonly used in pathology labs and LN2 freezing commonly use in research labs and biorepositories. Both techniques have limitations on downstream applications and are complex and costly storing systems respectively. With 300K´s Solution, we open a new way to store solid tissue at room temperature keeping tissue properties for downstream applications such as nucleic acids and Immunohistochemistry studies.

DNA/RNA integrity in dried tissue samples

Tissue samples dried with 300K technology and stored for long periods at room temperature are suitable materials for high-quality DNA and RNA purification.

Suitable for Immunohistochemistry

Tissue structure and cell markers remain stable after drying tissues and storing them at room temperature, which makes them suitable indeed for further Immunohistochemistry studies

Hematoxylin eosin staining on mouse lung tissue dried with 300K technology

Ki67 expression on mouse lung tissue dried with 300K technology

CD31 expression on mouse kidney tissue after drying with 300K technology