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STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (CE-IVDR)

Fast and efficient purification method to isolate high-quality genomic DNA from a set of biological samples

Validated for the isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood, saliva, tissues, cultured cells.
CE-IVDR certified only from whole blood and saliva


  • Validated for the isolation of genomic DNA (DNAg) from whole blood, saliva, tissues and cultured cells.
  • CE-IVDR certified (whole blood and saliva)
  • Pure genomic DNA
  • Ready for typical downstream applications (RT-PCR,qPCR (…), Automated fluorescent DNA Sequencing, NGS…)
  • Fast protocol: 60 min
  • Compatible with: Allsheng Auto-Pure96/Auto-Pure32A/Auto-Pure Mini, Procomcure Phoenix-Pure96/32, MOLGEN PurePrep 96/32, BIOER GenePure Pro NPA-32P, MGI SP-NE32, BIGFISH BFEX 32, 3D MED ANDiS 350 and other systems.
  • Bottle format has all reagents included for manual and automated procedures.



Available formatsBottle (96 preps)
Pre-filled plates for 96 extractors (96 preps)
Prefilled plates for 16/32 extractors (64 preps)
TechnologyMagnetic bead-based ready to use kit
CompatibilityManual and automated systems
Recommended input (expected yield µg)Whole blood: 200µL (2-8)
Saliva: 200 µL (2-8)
Mammalian Cells:105-106 (2-30)
FFPE: 3-8 sections ≥4µm (1,5-3)

StorageRoom temperature

Analytical Performance

Linearity on gDNA extraction with STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit. Yield of genomic DNA extracted from different input volumes of whole blood using 50 100 and 200 μL as sample input demonstrates a linear correlation between the input volume and DNA yield with a good R2 = 0,98. Graph shows average values from two readings. Data are mean ±SD (n=3)

NGS of a custom target gene library used in oncologic diagnostics. gDNA was isolated from 200 µL of whole blood from 2 subjects in parallel with STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit and a Reference Extraction Kit. The results obtained for NGS using gDNA extracted with either the STAR BEADS Genomic DNA Extraction Kit or the Reference Extraction Kit were in agreement for all the samples analysed (100% agreement). Courtesy of U.O. Medical Genetics – Sant’Orsola Malpighi Hospital, Bologna, Italy