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STAR BEADS Universal DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Designed for rapid and efficient isolation of genomic DNA and pathogen DNA/RNA from any sample type including cells, tissues, biological fluids.


  • Ready-to-use extraction kit for genomic DNA and pathogen DNA/RNA.
  • Versátil sample material: Celss, raw and processed food, bees, biological fluids…
  • Nucleic acids are selectively bound to the magnetic beads’ surface, impurities such as salts, metabolites, and soluble macromolecular cellular components that are efficiently removed
  • Ready for typical downstream applications (RT-PCR,qPCR (…), Automated fluorescent DNA Sequencing, NGS, and other enzymatic reactions
  • Fast protocol: 25 min
  • Compatible with: Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher™ Flex, Allsheng Auto-Pure96/Auto-Pure32A, Procomcure Phoenix-Pure96/32, MOLGEN PurePrep 96/32, BIOER GenePure Pro NPA-32P, MGI SP-NE32, BIGFISH BFEX-32 and other extraction systems.


Available formatsBottle Format
Prefilled Plate Format 96 tests
Prefilled Plate Format 2x32 tests
TechnologyMagnetic bead-based ready to use kit
CompatibilityManual and automated systems
Sample amount
Elution volume
StorageRoom Temperature

Analytical Performance

Figure 1. gDNA Extraction from FFPE tissues Figure 2. Sanger sequencing of DNA purified using STAR BEADS Universal DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Linear recovery of gDNA from cultured cells