300K Solutions

VitroGel Dilution Solution

For hydrogel concentration adjustment with the high concentration hydrogels.

VitroGel Dilution Solution is a ready-to-use solution to be used with the VitroGel High Concentration hydrogels to adjust the hydrogel concentration for different hydrogel strength.


The solution is room temperature stable with a neutral pH, which maintains a good physiological condition for hydrogel formation and can accelerate the hydrogel formation in combination with the cell medium. The Dilution Solution can be used to prepare a thin gel coating plate or injectable hydrogel with the high concentrations hydrogels.


The VitroGel Dilution Solution is offered in two versions:
TYPE 1: Contains sucrose to maintain the best osmolarity.
TYPE 2: Sucrose free formulation for cells sensitive to the sugar level in the medium


  • Ready-to-use to adjust the concentration of VitroGel High Concentration hydrogels
  • Neutral pH
  • Room temperature stable
  • Transparent
  • Compatible with VitroGel system for 2D & 3D cell culture and hydrogel injection
  • Ships and store at room temperature
  • Size: 50 mL